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Pastor of PPRM and Woman of Vision

Apostle Nordia Shields 

Pastor Nordia V. Shields was born in Kingston, JA, West Indies. Under the ministering of Evangelist Sandra Boyne, her believe of the goodness of the Lord strengthened. In July 1996, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. In August, 2004, Nordia V. Shields was ordained a Prophet by the late Apostle Fannie McFadden of Christian Tabernacle of Love Ministry in Newark, NJ. In 2005, she met Apostle/Prophet Joseph Brown from the Deliverance House of Miracles International in Harlem, NY. She continued her training in the Lord Jesus Christ & faithfully service as his armor bearer & ministry assistant. In 2013, Prophet Shields was ordained as Overseer Nordia Shields.  Her world changed & she knew that she was not leaving the people spiritually orphaned. She took up the mantle of her former mentor and continued the journey to lead the people to their promised land.

On November 23, 2013, A Place of Prayer & Restoration Ministries International (PPRM) was birthed from and transformed under Deliverance House of Miracles International in Harlem, NY, the authority of God, our Father, the leadership of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. In 2021, she was ordained APOSTLE and AMBASSADOR  by Judah House of Praise Word Ministry Inc. under the leadership of Apostle Ahmad R Lee.  


She has the vision of the Holy Spirit, with the designated Angel of the house being Overseer/Ambassador/Apostle/Pastor/Prophet Nordia V. Shields as senior pastor.

She is a woman of vision!

Ambassador Nordia Shields 

Global Kingdom Builder


As Ambassador Nordia Shields, she prides herself in teaching the uncompromising word of God. She strongly believe in tearing down the traditional attitudes within the church & getting on with the business of giving God the absolute best ministry possible. Ambassador Shields has provided provision,  prayer, deliverance and assistance to people in need nationally and globally. People from all over the world call in for prayer request & give testimonies of her growing positive influence on & families and children. She has assisted people in need in New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Jamaica, Haiti, Africa, Bahamas the United Kingdom and many more states & countries.

Ambassador/Apostle Shields has built seven (7) ministries under a Place of Prayer & Restoration Ministries. She continues to bring the good news of the gospel with the help of the Holy Spirit, breaking the shackles & chain of the kingdom of darkness. We thank God for his Grace, Mercies and Faithfulness towards A Place of Prayer & Restoration Ministries International (PPRM). Overseer Shields will continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).



Awards & Recognitions

Overseer & Leader Nordia V. Shields is recognized for her outstanding ministry work in the Lord. She has appeared on the radio show, the Prophetic Hour on GS Radio Glory Songs, and offered her prophetic voice to touch thousands of people in over 138 countries. She has also been awarded several rewards and appeared on the Word Network.

Her recognized accomplishments include: 

  • Office of the Mayor City of Jersey City, NJ- Proclamation for A Place of Prayer & Restoration Ministries International for long- standing contributions in ministry throughout the State of  New Jersey

  • New Jersey Mayor Ras J. Baraka- Pastoral Appreciation Recognition for devotion in promotion excellence & leadership in the community by touching the lives of God's people

  • The Word Network Eagle Excellence Awards by Found Dr. Maria Vaughn- honored with 3 awards for outstanding ministry work

    • The Visionary Award​

    • The Women of Empowerment Award

    • The Spirit of Excellence Award

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