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Helping Hands
Community Initiatives

PPRM is deeply committed to helping and serving others. Under Apostle Shield's leadership, the ministry has been instrumental in establishing community initiatives that provide fundraising, emergency food, clothes and other items of necessity to those in need.

With a servant's heart, PPRM is dedicated to building God's kingdom.

Every little bit helps.

See below for details on how you can give back and contribute to special community initiatives. 

Packing Boxes
The Hands That Feed Program

PPRM runs monthly food pantry drives to feed those in need. We are addressing worldwide hunger starting right here in our neighborhood.

Join us in our efforts to provide healthy nourishment to vulnerable communities.

Clothing Drives

PPRM runs several clothing drives a year for both national and international emergency need. Ask us how you can contribute, as we are impacting homes, communities and fellowship churches.

Donation Boxes

PPRM is always looking to see how we can positively impact communities through its charitable works. Contribute today to our purposeful work of helping those in need of provision.

Kingdom Building

PPRM Leadership is committed to building an international collaboration through Kingdom Building. Contact us today to connect with us. We can do more together than alone.

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“Let all your things be done with charity."

1 Corinthians 16:14 

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